James Van Cooper is an Australian. He’s young, stylish and cool. He summons the sounds of Alt/Country Rock with catchy hooks and twangy guitars. He’s a man for those that like their country gnarly and epic as well as nuanced and intimiate. James’ is a slick flamboyant performer and a heartfelt songwriter, he’s renowned as a wild and complete guitarist who can leave an audience in smoking ruins.

James as a teenager cut his teeth musically playing hard and fast on the local rock and metal circuit in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. In his late teens, he struggled with the demon drink and by 20 years old JVC won his hard-earned sobriety. This road to enlightenment was , in part, harnessed to inspire James’ debut EP released in early 2017 , “Highrise Skyline” . The making of this EP was forstered under the tutiliage of Australian Country Music icon Bill Chambers. James and Bill met through a chance  meeting and for most of 2017 together they recorded and toured Australia and Europe.By early 2018 James now 21 years of age, was stylistically gravitating more to towards Alt Country, especially Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell and he began to further blaze his own trail in the world of cool country rock.

In March/April 2018 James Van Cooper went to USA to record his debut album with famed LA Producer Scott Campbell. While in the US James summoned the support of some of LA’s finest musicians including Matt Pynn and Alt/Country darling Jamie Wyatt ( Jamie performs a duet with James on the track “Come Home”. 

James’ new record “Coming Home” released September 2018 represents an edgy alternative to Nashville Country/Pop. “Coming Home” is an authentic slab of “New Country Rock”, 10 tracks played in a captivating style, presenting James as a polished performer but not contrived. 

James delivers a debut record that is devoid devious studio tricks and faux brilliance. This is a passionate body of work genuflecting at the alter of New Country Rock while also unapologetically experimenting sonically, displaying an affection for several country music sub genres including Bluegrass, Americana Balladeering and Traditional Country.

James is quoted.

“This Record is fuelled by a need to break free of certain constraints and confines whether they be imagined or real. I had to play with a fresh deck so to speak hence the American studio sessions. Being an Australian and packing up to head to Hollywood to record, while exciting was still an unknown. What fears I did have were totally unwarranted as I was introduced to a wonderful producer in Scott Campbell who understood and encouraged what I envisaged in the creative process. Scott and I collaborated with a band that got on with making a genuine country rock record, an album that stands up for the new ways while respecting and acknowledging the vintage sound of country music. I wanted to make a record with a music narrative that pulled the listener along and I think I’ve done that on “Coming Home”.”